About Us

     We love being on the water, near the water, or even thinking about the water. The sound of a wave instantly drops our blood pressure and puts a smile on our faces.
     When the pandemic hit, we became landlocked. We found ourselves hanging around the cabin more (that would be our house) and looked for anything, especially attire, to boost our moods. We searched and found everything to be too expensive or too boring-nothing that fit our criteria of chillness and uniqueness that we were looking for.
     We decided to take matters into our own hands and sketched our first design. We turned it into a cozy t-shirt and smiled the minute we put it on. We liked it. Our friends did too. When they started asking where to get one, we knew that we were on to something. We wanted to share this with more people.
     Happy Skipper came about to spread that happy feeling and uniqueness in all of us. We put together the best collections with the perfect blend of fun, style, and of course that ahoy feeling. There are no generic products here. All of our designs are unique. Our in-house team creates and hand draws each of our awesome pics.
     We work hard to help you relax in style. Happy Skippering, and remember to follow your compass!
                                  -Heather & James